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Maywood Project Site



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completes remediation of residential vicinity properties ahead of schedule

Since assuming responsibility for the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) in October 1997, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has completed remediation of all but one residential vicinity properties at the Maywood Site. The original schedule called for the Corps to complete work on 13 properties in fiscal year 1998, which ended last September. However, the Corps was able to secure additional funding for the site, and work on the residential properties was accelerated.

baseball field By the end of May 1999, the Corps had completed remediation on the 22 remaining residential vicinity properties, including JFK Park in Lodi, which is pictured at right. A total of 579 gondola rail cars containing more than 43,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil were shipped for disposal at a licensed out-of-state facility by May 21. Thatís enough soil to cover a football field to a height of more than 20 feet. Or, if the soil were shipped all at once, it would require a train six miles long.

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Corps to revise Community Relations Plan for Maywood Site

Because the Maywood Site is being remediated under the federal law known as "Superfund", the Corps must prepare a plan to ensure that all interested parties are kept informed about site activities and that their concerns are addressed. This document, called a community relations plan, outlines how the Corps will communicate with its stakeholders and interested parties.

The current plan was last revised in 1995, and needs to be updated. Rather than revise the plan in a vacuum, the Corps has decided to take a community-based approach to updating the community relations plan and has convened a working group of citizens to develop recommendations on how the Corps can best communicate with stakeholders interested in the Maywood Site. The Corps has committed to carefully considering the groupís recommendations as it develops the new community relations plan for the Maywood Site.

The Communications Working Group will consider what techniques (such as holding periodic meetings, publishing newsletters, etc.) best allow the Corps to communicate effectively with stakeholders. The working group began meeting in early May and should complete its work by August.

Contract awarded for Phase II cleanup activities

The Corps has awarded the contract for remediation of the Phase II properties at the Maywood Site to Boston-based Stone & Webster. Phase II properties include the commercial and industrial properties in the boroughs of Maywood and Lodi. The State of New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Station, pictured below, is an example of a Phase II property.

1999-2.gif Founded in 1889, Stone & Webster is an engineering and construction firm with operations around the globe. The company has extensive experience with the Corps, and has performed work on civilian and military sites. Stone & Webster has worked in the Maywood region on projects for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and others.

Under its contract with the Corps, Stone & Webster is responsible for remediating and restoring the commercial and industrial properties designated for cleanup under FUSRAP.

Proposed Plan for the Maywood Site nears completion

The Corps is finalizing its preferred remedy for remediation of the Maywood Site. Known as the Proposed Plan, the document provides a brief summary of all the cleanup alternatives studied for the site and highlights the key factors leading to the identification of the preferred alternative.

The proposed plan is made available for public comment, and the Corps will hold a meeting so stakeholders and other interested parties can learn more about the proposal to permanently clean up the Maywood Site. The Corps will inform stakeholders and interested parties when the proposed plan is available for review.

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